Western Lake Superior Sanitary District


How we are Structured


WLSSD's Board of Directors appoints an Executive Director who is delegated authority and responsibility for the administration, operations and planning for the District.

Organizationally, the District is made up of three divisions - Business Services, Planning and Technical Services, and Operating Services. Each division is led by a manager who oversees the operations of the various departments within the organization.

The various departments function as work area teams, which are responsible for participating in many of the decisions about day-to-day operations and setting annual team goals.

WLSSD sets its goals based on outcomes important to the organization. Staff from the three divisions, both supervisory and non-supervisory, participate in teams that help the organization accomplish these goals. These cross-functional "strategic teams" identify the strategies the organization will take to accomplish the goals in five goal categories:

  • Safety
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Operational Excellence
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Environmental and Community Stewardship

The Leadership Team is comprised of management representation from operations, technical, and business services.

WLSSD employs approximately 100 full time and part time personnel overall.