Western Lake Superior Sanitary District

Materials Recovery Center (MRC)


Got STUFF? We can help!

The WLSSD Materials Recovery Center is a facility where residents can get rid of many types of wastes.  It is WLSSD’s goal to reuse, recycle or recover as much material as possible, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills. The MRC accepts a variety of wastes and recyclables from area residents and businesses.

Bagged Garden Green® compost is also available for sale at the MRC.

Materials accepted and recycled free of chargepile of "stuff" for disposal

           Household Recyclables - 3-sort system!

           Scrap Metal

           Food waste in compostable bags

Materials accepted for a fee

            Household junk                    Mattresses                   

            Concrete                                Drywall

            Furniture                                 Lumber

            Textiles                                   Appliances (1 microwave free per day)

            Electronics                             Tires (4 passenger/light truck tires free per day)

            Brush                                      Small Engines (must have all fluids drained out)


Items that can be re-used are collected and placed in a reuse area. Other MRC customers can take these items at no charge, reducing the need for landfills. The reuse area is open to MRC customers during regular business hours.

Appliances, electronics and tires contain useful materials AND toxic substances. These items are recycled to prevent the useful portions from going to waste and the toxic substances from entering the environment. These items are banned from the garbage by Minnesota law and WLSSD Ordinance.

Food waste in compostable bags can be dropped off in the designated container near the MRC gatehouse. Food waste dropped off at the MRC is composted to create WLSSD’s premium Garden Green® compost. The MRC staff provides compostable bags to residents & small businesses free of charge.

Other materials such as concrete, lumber and textiles are recovered at the site for beneficial reuse. Mattresses are collected and sent to a deconstruction facility for recycling.

Recycling as easy as 1-2-3!

Now, you can sort household recyclables brought to the MRC into just three groups: containers, mixed paper and corrugated cardboard.

Container recycling includes jars, bottles and cans made from glass, plastic and metal. This includes #1 - #7 plastic bottles or tubs, glass bottles & jars (any color), and metal food & beverage cans. These can all be mixed together: no additional sorting is required! 

Mixed paper includes newspapers, cereal boxes, soda cases, office paper, junk mail, etc: this paper can all be mixed and recycled together.

Corrugated cardboard (boxes and packaging with a ripple between two smooth layers) is the third sorting category. Look for recycling bins for cardboard in several convenient locations at the MRC.

This 3-sort system will help you spend less time sorting materials at home, save space for recycling bins and help make your recycling drop-off easier and faster! If your recycling is picked up at your curb, please check with your hauler about current sorting guidelines.


Materials Recovery Center
4587 Ridgeview Rd
Duluth, MN 55803
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(Located at the site of the former Rice Lake Landfill, Corner of Rice Lake and Ridgeview Roads)

Materials Recovery Center (MRC) Materials Recovery Center (MRC) Materials Recovery Center (MRC)